Centre for Studies and Research in Argentine Recent History of Education (HEAR)

HEAR (acronym in spanish) is a centre for studies and research located in the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the National University of Rosario in Argentina. HEAR was created in July 2014 and it aims to collect, produce and divulge the academic investigations related to Recent Argentine History of Education (1960-2000). Also, it is oriented towards the continuous training of human resources and the transfer of knowledge to the different educational levels, mainly through improvements of teaching. In particular, some of HEAR aims are to:

  • To collect publications that express issues relevant to the country and the region in particular.
  • To institutionalize a regional reference area to discuss the described problems and to offer a variety of resources for their treatment with different materials and theoretical support.
  • To constitute a prolific academic space to strengthen links with national and international colleagues.
  • To promote and manage regional and national scientific events.
  • To provide an institutional forum for teacher training, especially considering the curriculum changes at all levels of the educational system regarding the teaching of the recent past.
  • To establish institutional links with other centres or related programs.

Some of the main aspects it could be found in HEAR are: Memories and Present, Documentation Centres, Videos, Documentaries, Films, Learning Resources and Publications.  The website www.hear.unr.edu.ar is specifically designed to be an interdisciplinary space for divulgation, sharing and exchange of knowledge on History and Politic of Education in Argentina (1960-2000). Welcome to HEAR. We hope your visit, comments and contributions.

Dra. Carolina Kaufmann

HEAR Academic Coordinator





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